Ceramic Processing and Sintering, Second Edition (Materials Engineering)
By Mohamed N. Rahaman
* Publisher: CRC
* Number Of Pages:
* Publication Date: 2003-07-31
* ISBN / ASIN: 0824709888
Book Description:
As the field's premiere source, this reference is extensively revised and expanded to collect hard-to-find applications, equations,
derivations, and examples illustrating the latest developments in ceramic processing technology. This book is concerned primarily
with the processing of polycrystalline ceramics and focuses on the widespread fabrication of ceramics by the firing of consolidated
powders forms. A brief treatment of sol-gel processing is also included. Ceramic Processing and Sintering, Second Edition provides
clear and intensive discussions on colloidal and sol-gel processing, sintering of ceramics, and kinetic processes in materials. From
powder synthesis and consolidation to sintering and densification behavior, this latest edition emphasizes the impact of each
processing procedure on ceramic properties. The second edition also contains new and extended discussions on colloid stability,
polymer growth and gelation, additives in ceramic forming, diffusion and defect strucutre, normal and abnormal grain growth,
microwave sintering, Rayleigh instability effects, and Ostwald ripening. Illustrating the interconnectedness between the various
steps in the overall fabrication route, Ceramic Processing and Sintering, Second Edition approaches the fundamental issues of
each process and show how they are applied to the practical fabrication of ceramics
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