Holy Macro Books From Vba To Vsto Is Excels New Engine Right For You Apr 2006
VSTO stands for Visual Studio Tools for Office and is sometimes pronounced as "Visto." VSTO is an alternative to VBA, and will most likely replace VBA in time. I assume that you already know VBA for Excel. If not, study the interactive visual learning CD "Slide Your Way Through Excel VBA" (available from

This book is for those who wonder whether they should transit from Excel/VBA to Excel/VSTO. It was not written for people who want to learn programming in Excel, nor was it written for those (professional) developers who want to know all the ins and outs of VSTO programming.

My only intention is to help VBA users to make the right decision as to whether they should transit to VSTO and, if they decide to do so, to be aware of the hurdles they have to leap and the benefits they will reap.

Therefore, in this book I focus on the differences between both programming languages by explaining where they diverge and by showing examples of code on both sides of the transition line.

By using so-called Rosetta stones, I show you, using some carefully selected examples, where the two languages differ.

My hope is that this book will be a helpful guide in making a well-balanced decision in this matter and, if you do venture the transition, that it will smooth the process that lies ahead of you.


P.S. When writing this book, I had to use the Beta 2 version of Visual Studio 2005. Later releases may have some adaptations not mentioned in this book.


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