Vextractor 3.95 | 3,25 MB

Vextractor allows you to transform raster images into vector formats by building centerlines and outlines. It can be used for vectorizing of charts, maps, schemes, logotypes and other similar images. It features recognition of arcs, circles and orthogonal lines as well as polylines smoothing, noise filtering and more. Supported input raster formats are BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PCX and TGA.

Chances are these days you can open raster files (e.g., BMP, TIFF, PNG, JPG) with your favorite CAD program - the majority of modern CAD programs can import and display raster images. However, as soon as you import your raster file in your CAD program, you will find out that all you can do with it is just view it and trace it over. You are unable to modify or edit the raster as easily as you can do vector data. That takes place because CAD software can only work with vector files. If you want to edit raster files in a CAD application you are to convert them to vector files first. That can be done with a raster to vector conversion program (vectorizer). Once your raster image is converted to the vector format, you will be able to import it in your CAD application and then edit it like any other drawings that you do with your CAD application.