Visionics EDWinXP Professional 1.61 | 99,9 MB

EDWinXP includes the complete set of tools you need to save time and money while designing Printed Circuit Boards: Schematic Editor, Layout Editor, Auto Placers, Auto Routers, EDSpice Mixed Mode Simulators, Fabrication Manager, Library Manager and more.

Schematic Editor :- Schematic Editor is the front end for any PCB design application. The function of this editor is to create a schematic diagram of the circuit. The created circuit is in the form of a logical diagram where components are placed using the Library Browser or Library Explorer. Analysis is an important part of any design process. EDWinXP provides two types of simulators one is Mixed Mode Simulator and other is EDSpice Simulator.

Layout Editor :- In EDWinXP,the design can be captured either in Schematic Editor or directly in Layout Editor. In the former case, the design is front annotated to the Layout Editor and in the latter case it is back annotated to Schematic Editor. EDWinXP also allows beginning layout without a pre-existing schematic. There are two board level Simulators in EDWinXP, Thermal Analyzer and Electromagnetic Analyzer. The Signal Integrity Analyzer examines the probable distortion of high-speed signals as they pass through traces on the PCB. The Field Analyzer is a tool for studying the electromagnetic fields that are created when power and/or signal traces on the board are energized. The concept of 3-Dimension has been incorporated into Layout Editor to get a 3D view of the designed board.

Fabrication Manager:- The major fabrication tasks involved in PCB design are - Optional creation of Copper Planes and Copper Pour Areas, Adding dimensions and notes, Printing layout documentation drawings, Extracting NC-drill data to disk files or paper tape, Editing, Dimensioning and printing of drill templates, Editing and printing of layer artworks, Generation of artwork data files in Gerber ASCII format, Preview of artworks in Gerber ASCII files, Generation of disk files containing generic data for Pick & place machines, Generation of disk files containing bill of materials.