I connected the IR Repeater circuit part by part but:i

The Led that must be off for testing was on with no input ( Why is that?

The oscillator has no clear signal on the screan ( I connected it on the 2.2k resistor), but when I point the ir signal at the photodiode as I get closer to it the amplitude became larger

I know that the function of the photodiode is to convert ir signal to current in order to deal with it in an electronic way rather than electromagnetic way, but , on the hand when I tryed to measure the current that is passing through 3.3k resistor , there was a very small reading (0.006mA) after pointing the ir signal , is that true? or does this indicates that the photodiode does not work properly? How can I test a photodiode?e

Please Answer ASAP, I need to try your suggestions

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