Use this software to unlock password protected files and systems. For high level decryption it will use brute force but for lower level decryption it will tell you password or provide solution for password recovery.

This is a useful utility to find passwords for :

Lotus 1-2-3 Key
Adobe Acrobat PDF
(so that files can be saved easily using pdf makers)
ACT key
Backup Key
File Maker Key
Internet Explorer Key (by passing certificates/policies)
Mail Key
Moeny Key
myOB Key
Office Key for MS Word/Excel/Acess/Powerpoint locked files
Organizer Key
Outlook Express Key
Paradox Key
Peachtree Accounting Key
Quattro Pro Key
Quick books Key
Quicken Key
Win XP 2000/XP Key
Word Perfect Key
Word Pro Key
Zip Key
Password: Allaho Akbar