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Applied Flow Technology Fathom 6.0

AFT Fathom 6.0 provides comprehensive, incompressible pipe flow analysis and system modeling capabilities combined with ease-of-use. Addressing open and closed loop systems, AFT Fathom includes a built-in library of fluids and fittings, variable model configurations, pump and control valve modeling and much more. With the optional Chempak add-in, a thermo-physical database of over 600 fluids is available to further expand the envelope of your analysis and design. AFT Fathom goes beyond the boundaries of fluid flow analysis, with thermal analysis capabilities including piping heat transfer, heat exchanger modeling and varying fluid properties. AFT Fathom employs a robust solver using proven matrix methods to solve the governing equations of pipe flow. The full power of this technical sophistication is readily accessible through an advanced visual interface. From the powerful drag-and-drop model building features to the fully customizable output, AFT Fathom becomes an extension of the engineer's mind, freeing him or her to focus on their system, not the mechanics of software manipulation. Scenario Manager raises the what-if potential of system modeling to a new level. Multiple system configurations varying by any modeling parameter are easily managed within a single model file with a familiar hierarchical interface. Changes in the base model are automatically inherited by dependent design cases.
More than flow analysis, AFT Fathom let's you build your piping system in software. Vary pipe sizes, pump curves, valve settings, fluid properties, operating lineup... virtually anything you can do with the real system can be done within AFT Fathom, accurately simulating the individual system components and their interaction. Whether you're designing new systems, modifying existing ones or analyzing system operations, The ability to analyze alternates and the insight provided by an AFT Fathom model significantly improves the quality of systems engineering you can achieve, leading to less costly, more efficient and more reliable piping systems.
NEW In Version 6.0
Building on the most comprehensive piping system modeling software for incompressible flow systems, the AFT FathomT modules extend modeling capabilities into three areas:
XTS-eXtended Time Simulation to model dynamic system behavior
GSC-Goal Seek and Control to automate the determination of input parameters that will yield desired output values and simulate control functions within systems CST-CoST calculations of pipes and components Each of the AFT Fathom modules can work individually or together within AFT Fathom. And since they are add-on modules to AFT Fathom, they can work with all of your existing system models.
Advanced heat transfer options
Insulation data sets can be defined and applied to piping
New option for rectangular ducts
Annotations can be added to Workspace & Visual Report
Expanded capability for pump vs. system curve generation
Ability to save graphs for fast recall
Save Workspace and Visual Report as graphic file
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