Assalamo Alaykum wa Rehmatullahe wa Barkatohu!
This is for my brothers in need and my old friends in KSA.
I have scrambled the Topic (Unwaan) so that search engines cannot detect it.

If you need full 2004 CD then please tell me your address I will send it (if I could) to you Inshaallah.

The link is

The Kalimat-ul-Muroor or password to the archive is
La iLaaha iLLaLah Muhammadun rasool ullah

This is Miftah-ul-Jannah for us as you already know.

If anyone of you can send me HTFS TASC/ACOL or then Please do tell me

I live in Pakistan I really miss living in Al-Khobar

Akhoukum fiddeen