Floor vibration control using semi-active tuned
mass dampers
Mehdi Setareh

Abstract: This paper discusses the application of a new class of semi-active tuned mass dampers, called ground-hook
tuned mass dampers (GHTMD), for the reduction of floor vibrations due to human movements. The TMD introduced
uses a continuously variable semi-active damper (ground-hook damper) to achieve reduction in the floor acceleration.
Here, the GHTMD is applied to a single degree of freedom system representative of building floors. The GHTMD design
parameters are defined in terms of non-dimensional values. The optimum values of these parameters are found
based on the minimization of the acceleration response of the floor for different GHTMD mass ratios and floor damping
ratios. The performance of the GHTMD is compared to that of the equivalent passive TMD. In addition, the effects
of off-tuning due to variations in the mass ratios and frequency ratios of the TMD and GHTMD are studied. Comparison
of the results demonstrates the efficiency and robustness of GHTMD with respect to equivalent TMD. Finally, a
guide for the design of GHTMDs is presented

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