License Opportunities Worldwide !!!

These worldwide projects are licensed, patented technology projects that recover the "all natural rubber" from Off The Road Ztires to be manufactured into Crumb Rubber.

Before development of the Z DISINTEGRATOR the very valuable all natural rubber contained inZtires was buried. Thanks to theZ DISINTEGRATOR this very valuable resource can now be recycled for use in manufacturing high grade rubber products, including new tires and tread material for use in recapped tires.

Not only does the process recycle worn outZtires, it can also prepare the reusable Z tires for recapping. The technology is also capable of repairing damaged Z and large truck tires for reuse in the dirt moving and mining industries.

There is a large demand for these services with millions of Z tires being damaged and discarded each year worldwide.

The cash returns from these projects are continuous and high, with most projects paying itself off in two years or less.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry with the projects ranging in cost from approximately two million dollars US (2,000,000.00USD) to more than seven million dollars US (7,000,000.00USD) depending upon the project size, quantity and quality of Crumb Rubber being produced.

Equity, Debt or combination project financing is needed for foreign projects. all financing would be repaid from project earnings with land, machinery, equipment and business as collateral. Investors can retain an equity position in project after payoff.

This is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to get in on the Ground Floor of an exciting new money making business