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Written by leading experts in their respective fields, Solidification and Casting provides a comprehensive review of topics fundamental to metallurgy and materials science as well as indicates recent trends. From an industrial perspective, the book begins with chapters on the casting techniques most commonly used in industry today. It then describes the underlying science fundamental to solidification mechanisms, including fluid flow, the effects of cooling rates, modern simulation, and modelling methods in use and their application in various casting scenarios. Next, the authors consider the microstructure of cast materials and their defects, and explore how different casting processes can control these parameters. The book concludes with the most recent developments in the field and discusses new processes and materials, such as novel alloys and composites, metallic glasses, ceramics, and superconducting oxides.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Number Of Pages: 428
Publication Date: 2002-11
Sales Rank: 1860190
ISBN / ASIN: 0750308435
EAN: 9780750308434
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: Taylor & Francis
Studio: Taylor & Francis

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