A single phase, 5kVA, 240/120-V transformer has the following parameters:
0.06Ω; = 0.015Ω; = 0.18Ω; = 0.045Ω; = 1200Ω; = 400Ω 1 2 1 2 o o R R X X R X

The secondary of the transformer is supplying 5kVA load at 0.85 lagging power factor and
rated voltage. Calculate the following:

Develop a MATLAB program that calculates and plots the voltage regulation variation as
a function of the load current and power factor. Consider the load voltage
V2 constant and
consider a load current variation of [0 : 65.2A] and load power factor of 1.0, 0.8 lagging

and 0.8 leading.