Britannica Childrens Encyclopedia 2007 ISO
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الموسوعة الانجليزية ولكن بنسخة مبسطة للاطفال ...

For homework, research and the wonder of exploration! Help young minds find answers to their many questions with the Children’s Encyclopedia. Two complete age-appropriate encyclopedias, the Elementary Encyclopedia and the Student Encyclopedia together covering an age range of 7 to 14, form the cornerstone of this complete reference tool that interests and involves young learners.

From reference to learning games to homework help; it's all right here. No slow Internet connections, no ads, and no questionable Internet results. A host of new enhancements include a new Britannica Library interface. The Search Results area has ******* organised into unique categories and can be customised by the user. Users can attach Virtual Notecards to articles, which are then saved with the article. They can also be printed.