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The general goal of this book is to deduce rigorously, from the first principles, the partial differential equations governing the thermodynamic processes undergone by continuum media under forces and heat. Solids and fluids are considered in a unified framework. Reacting mixtures of fluids are also included for which general notions of thermodynamics are recalled, such as the Gibbs equilibrium theory. Linear approximate models are mathematically obtained by calculating the derivatives of the constitutive response functions. They include the classical models for linear vibrations of thermoelastic solids and also for wave propagation in fluids (dissipative and non-dissipative acoustics and internal gravity waves).

Publisher: Birkhauser
Number Of Pages: 209
Publication Date: 1899-12-31
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ISBN / ASIN: 3764372656
EAN: 9783764372651
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: Birkhauser
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