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The CoolToolsTM Chilled Water Plant Design and Specification Guide is
targeted to a technical design audience. It includes design issues such as selection of
coils, application of different piping distribution systems, design and applications of
controls, mitigation of low delta-t syndrome, and a myriad of other performance
critical issues. It also includes a section on Performance Specifications, which is
targeted to equipment specifiers, including engineers and facility purchasing agents. It
details methods to request and analyze the performance data of submitted equipment.
Topics include zero tolerance performance specifications, applications of witness tests,
and performance tables for bid alternates.

CoolTools Project.
This guideline is part of a broader set of products developed by
PG&E’s CoolTools Project. CoolTools
Ô is a market transformation project
developing, disseminating, and promoting an integrated set of tools, guidelines, and
services for the design and operation of optimized chilled water plants. CoolTools

products inform owners, design professionals, and operators about methods to achieve
the most cost-effective and efficient equipment selection, system design, and operating
scenario for new construction and retrofit applications. Products are Internet-based
and intended for broad public use.