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Provides participants with elements of structureand process to increase their likelihood of success when negotiating in asales-related situation and covers planning, bargaining, trading-off, and thenine basic negotiation tactics. Along with basic negotiation skills, participants focus on special problems associated with the selling environment. Practice is provided through case study and role play

Who Should Attend

At the conclusion of this sales negotiatingskills training workshop personnel will be able to

·Know how andwhen to use on of three exchange tools.
·Utilizepersonality style analysis tools strategically and tactically during anegotiation.
·Identify anddeal with 18 traditional negotiation tactics and tricks.
·Use plus-minusrefocusing techniques to "think on your feet" and disarm argumentativepositions.
·Use Socraticquestions and listening skills to acquire information on the needs, wants, positions and interests of the customer.
·Respond whereit is a "blame" game or irrational conflict.
·Understand andidentify power positions and how to increase power.
·Craft astrategy to enhance the relationship after the exchange.
·Structure thesales negotiation process to know what tradeoffs are reasonable and when towalk-away from a deal.
·Describe howthey practiced these negotiating tools during a customized role-playexercise.

Course Outline:
· ·Understand the special problems of negotiatingand selling at the same time.
·Distinguish between "must haves" and "want tohaves."
·Developing an effective strategy beforenegotiating.
·Maintaining the total value of the deal.
·How to handle tactics.
·Defining Sales Negotiation
·Negotiation Style Inventory Self-Assessment
·Developing a Negotiation Plan
·The "Rheostat Principle"
·Taking Risks
·The Nine Basic Negotiation Tactics and How toHandle Them

Language: Arabic / English
5 Period: Days 22- 26 /6/2007
Course Fees: 2500 $
Training location: MalaysiaKulaLumpur

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