CA Anti-Spam 2007 5.0.419.0
Windows OS | Size: 9.1 Mb

CA Anti-Spam is the effective and easy-to-use spam filter that makes sure you get messages from people you know, while redirecting messages from people you don't. There are no complicated rules or filters to create or manage: CA Anti-Spam does it for you. And it works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express to stop unwanted junk mail and fraudulent phishing scams, letting you take control of your Inbox. PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award 3 years running!

"[CA Anti-Spam]* beat both Norton Antispam and McAfee SpamKiller Home in a comparison test of ten antispam software products."

Key Features
New! Import/Export Approved Senders allows you to easily migrate your list of approved senders from one PC to another.

Blocks Unwanted Spam by allowing only messages from your approved senders list to reach your Inbox - all other mail is quarantined for you to review later.

Continuous Protection to keep your computer protected from spamming and the latest internet risks by automatically renewing your subscription at the then current renewal price (plus applicable tax), so you don't have to. Learn More >

Prevents Phishing Attacks and Email Fraud by automatically verifying the authenticity of messages, and displaying a clear visual warning on suspicious emails.

Protects Multiple Email Accounts for all of your Microsoft Exchange and any POP3 mail accounts you have configured in Outlook.

Integrates Seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange with easy access to all features directly from the toolbar in Outlook and Outlook Express.

Works Simply and Easily no complicated ******* filters to set up or manage.

Email Search creates a search index of all information stored in Outlook, so you can quickly and easily find messages, attachments, contacts, appointments, journal entries and notes. For English-language Outlook and Outlook Express only.

Spam Score helps determine which messages are most likely to be email spam, resulting in less time reviewing quarantined mail, and less likelihood of missing a good email.

Supports Bonded Sender allows mail from legitimate senders of commercial email (such as order confirmations from to be delivered to your Inbox.

International Language Support automatically displays German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean based on your Windows language settings, and properly filters spam sent in any language.


For Windows Vista™:
- 512 MB RAM
- 800 MHz or higher
Pentium-compatible CPU

For Windows 2000 (SP4+), XP (SP1+):
- 128 MB RAM
- 300 MHz or higher
Pentium-compatible CPU

Email Client:
- Microsoft 2000/2002/
- Microsoft Outlook Express 5.5 or higher
- Microsoft Windows Mail
- One or more POP3 or MAPI email accounts

Required for All Installations:
- Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
- 25MB Hard Disk Space
- CD-ROM drive
- Internet access


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