Bauxite is the primary material for alumina production . it is named after the town of les beaux in soutth france , where the chemist Berthier first recognised it in 1821 .
This deposut became the basis for the early industry in france and mining continued until now .

The main criterion for bauxite identification is aluminium in the form of aluminum hydroxide ,the min being 30% ( AL2 O3

Minerals name

Gibbsite aluminum hydroxide or tri-hydroxide AL(OH) 3 -

technical or common name , alumina trihydrate AL2O3 .3H20

-Boehmite aluminum hydroxy-oxide, ALOOH -
common name alumina monohydrate AL2O3.H20

Diaspore ALOOH has the same composition as boehmite but diffrent in crystal form .