ISBN: 1402032676
IUTAM Symposium on Chaotic Dynamics and Control of Systems and Processes in Mechanics: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Rome, Italy, 8-13 June 2003
(Solid Mechanics and Its Applications)
Author: G. Rega, F. Vestroni
Publication Date: 1899-12-31
Number Of Pages: 500

Chaotic clocks : a paradigm for the evolution of noise in machines (KL) 3
Explorations into the nonlinear dynamics of a single DOF system coupled to a wideband autoparametric vibration absorber 17
Adaptive partial observers with application to time-varying chaotic systems (P) 27
Nonlinear dynamics of a heavy material particle along a circle which rotates and optimal control (P) 37
Bifurcation and chaos in mechanical applications : a dynamical systems approach to their control 47
Nonlinear normal modes and chaotic motions in oscillatory chains 59
Patterns of bifurcation suppressing escape at internal resonance 69
Spatial motion of CVT-chains (KL) 81
Nonlinear phenomena in microelectromechanical resonators 97
Dynamics and parametric identification of geared rotordynamic systems 107
Global bifurcation of nonlinear thermoelastic microbeams subject to electrodynamic actuation 117
Nonlinear interaction in MHD bearings under oscillating electric fields 127
Parametrically excited MEMS-based filters 137
The chaotic oscillations of high-speed milling 147
On the dynamics of a railway freight wagon wheelset with dry friction damping 159
Post-critical finite, planar dynamics of a circular arch : experimental and theoretical characterization of transitions to nonregular motions 171
Phase space warping : a dynamical systems approach to diagnostics and prognostics 183
Time integration techniques to investigate the long-term behaviour of dissipative structural systems (P) 193
Identification and construction of reduced order models for infinite-dimensional systems in nonlinear elastodynamics (P) 203
The non-linear dynamics of thin walled shell structures 213
Influence of boundary conditions relaxation on panel flutter 223
Solutions of a shallow arch under fast and slow excitations (P) 233
Nonlinear oscillations of a buckled mechanism used as a vibration isolator 241
Non-smooth dynamics of a double-belt friction oscillator 253
Corner-collision and grazing-sliding : practical examples of border-collision bifurcations 263
Dynamics of discontinuous systems with imperfections and noise 275
Stick-slip whirl interaction in drillstring dynamics 287
The mapping dynamics of a three-piecewise linear system under a periodic excitation (P) 297
Two dimensional map for impact oscillator with drift (P) 305
Dynamics of mechanical systems with soft impacts 313
Nonlinear dynamics of non-smooth mechanical systems : theoretical and experimental studies 323
Global dynamics of a duffing system with delayed velocity feedback 335
Noise-induced synchronization and stochastic resonance in a bistable system (P) 345
Delay equations with fluctuating delay : application to variable speed machining 355
Vertical dynamics of riding cars under stochastic and harmonic base excitations 371
A delayed-position feedback controller for cranes (KL) 385
Controlled motions of multibody systems along a plane 397
Active damping of spatio-temporal dynamics of drill-strings 407
Dynamic vibration absorber for friction induced oscillations 419
Control of limit cycle oscillations 429
Optimal control of retrieval of a tethered subsatellite 441
Passive vibration control by nonlinear energy pumping : theoretical and experimental results 451
Motion control of an underactuated manipulator by using high-frequency excitation (P) 459
Control and synchronization of homoclinic chaos (KL) 469
Methods and examples of controlling chaos in mechanical systems 481
The largest Lyapunov exponent of dynamical systems with time delay 493