I need help in programming the PICs using PIC BASIC

The objective of this project is to create and build a tracking system device, used to scan or explore different areas for long distance and produces accurate location measurement.
One of the methods used to produce accurate location measurement is the polar coordinates method.
This method uses an electronic compass to measure the angle of the system ,GPS to take the distance information(x), and atmosphere
pressure sensor to measure the height of the system (y
Finally the RF position sensing will send the positioning coordinate to the control center unit. The RF position sensing will send at each time the distance (x), height(y), and angle of direction

In this project it is required to design and build a very sensitive atmosphere pressure sensor module. The purpose of this module is to introduce pressure, and how it changes with height. we connect the pressure sensor to the programmed PIC. The PIC take the output data (digital or analog) from the sensor and according atmosphere pressure equations and relations, the PIC will be programmed to determine the height of the system.

The compass will be connected to the programmed PIC.
According to the Compass output voltage, the PIC will be programmed such that each value of the output voltage will relate to a specific angle.

i have no enough information about the GPS

Finally .... thank you