i need some help plz anyone
i have three accounts

  1. current account
  2. saving account
  3. credit card a ccount
i need to develop an object _oriented system with a graphical user interface in Java to handle its accounts

every customer is given one account of each type

every account(from whichever catgory) must have an account number and balance.(other details, such as the account holder are to be omitted at this stage).
additional details that are required to be stored and used are

  • overdraft limit for the current account
  • interest rate for the saving account
  • interest rate for the credit card account and the credit limit
on the current account, no interest is recevied for the balance and the overdraft is provided free.

money may be credited to or debited from each account.the overdraft limit should not exceeded on the current account.the amount in the saving account should not fall below zero.the amount borrowed on the credit card account should not exceed the credit limit.

  1. the ability to define the account details (number and balance) should be available to each account and user programs
  2. transfer between any two accounts are permitted,provided the credit and debit rules of the two accounts are met.
  3. the savings and credit accounts should also have a function for a calculating the daily interest(by applying the interest rate/365 to the balance).
  • review the accounts system design and the class work on the GUI
  • design and code suitable classes and class structure for the three accounts.
  • developed a suitable GUI that handles all three acount details for a customer.
  • create a test plan and provide test evidence for the program you have developed.
  • provide appropriate design and user documentation including a class diagram.


Current Account Amount Acc Number

Transfer To

Saving Account


Credit Card Account