The SolidWorks Office Professional bundle includes the SolidWorks core plus several add-in programs. These include:
Animator (Create AVI animations of a model in motion)
Design Checker (Checks notes, dimensions and other settings in drawings to make sure they adhere to company standards
eDrawings Professional (Adds markup and measuring capabilities to the free eDrawings viewer)
FeatureWorks (Adds editable features to "dumb" imported geometry)
PDMWorks Workgroup (A workgroup level document management program to manage SolidWorks files as well as other filetypes)
PhotoWorks (Realistic Photorendering)
Task Scheduler (Schedule SolidWorks to bulk print, import/export files, and create eDrawings)
Toolbox (A collection of common fasteners and hardware, Screws, Nuts, Washers, etc.)
Utilities (Additional tools for selecting features and comparing features and geometry)
3D Instant Website (Publishing an HTML document of SolidWorks documents, uses eDrawings for viewing)

SolidWorks Office Premium

The SolidWorks Premium bundle includes the SolidWorks core and Office Professional add-ins plus the following:
CosmosWorks Designer (Finite Element Analysis)
CosmosMotion (Motion analysis)
Routing (Piping, Tubing, plus Wiring and Harness layout)
ScanTo3D (Utility for converting scanned data into solid models)

SolidWorks 2007 SP0.0 Multilanguage DVD-Release 32 BIT

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