2011 / 2012 Adidas Adipure Iv Trx Fg Sl 11pro White Red Black Soccer Cleat,Adidas Absoladong Tao maintained moderate optimism: "This transfer is optimistic about the prospects, the industry chain in the assembly and manufacturing links all of stripping, as an order center in Dongguan,Nike Mercurial Vapor II, R & D center , as the company's headquarters, which is conducive to upgrading the footwear industry in Dongguan. "He also reminded, "If there is not enough business to move its headquarters here, there is not enough to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading of enterprises,Nike Mercurial Victory, this place is likely to occur on the industrial hollowing." On Dongguan, this is a crossroads.Future: Next year more shoe factories to close?When the number of shoe factories in Dongguan have to invest and set up factories outside the time, some pioneers have found, go outside, "getting rich" is not easy.Zhu Yucheng Ganzhou in Jiangxi invested in new plant. But he found semi-finished products in Jiangxi shoemaking okay, but it is difficult to make money doing whole.