Ivis xProcess Enterprise 2.5.2

You have projects that need to be completed on time and on budget. The success of these projects depends on your ability to execute against your plan regardless of the changes that inevitably occur. Making changes to your processes, plans, resources or estimates should not be painful. xProcess gives you that agile environment in which all aspects of your project are synchronized in real-time. With xProcess, your organization will be able to do away with manual tasks, such as: calculating the impact of changing resources on your live projects; building new plans when you reprioritize tasks in real-time; tailoring task specifications individually or based on your process; maintaining separate sources for resource and consumable costs.

Instead you will be able to:
- utilize integrated workflow to increase team collaboration and communication
- bring your own tailored processes into your live projects
- immediately see the impact of changes to the project
- specify your own quality checks on any or all tasks
- visualize your project in easy to read diagrams

xProcess quickly determines the feasibility of projects, and shows if the results will be in line with its specified goals. With continual visibility of projects’ progress, managers get advanced warning and can make informed decisions earlier in the lifecycle, restructuring projects for better ROI.

To work effectively, collaborating project participants need guidance and flexibility. A defined process provides both, resulting in a more efficient project team. Defining the process creates a generic description of typical episodes and artifacts – a template for performing work. The optimized plan guides project participants through the tasks along with corresponding estimates and constraints. The defined process aligns personal planning and time management with process best practice. Project participants and management have real-time access to the current and future state of the project. This level of information exchange throughout the project team improves the coordination of activities and minimizes waste.

An improving process is a changing process. How are those changes discovered? In professional activities, motivated and empowered project participants will always discover ways to improve how they work. The challenge for organizations is to capture these improvements and share them throughout the organization without stifling creativity and innovation. In the xProcess environment, project participants continuously record time associated with project tasks and may also change the decomposition or dependencies of tasks. This allows for reverse-engineering of the new task patterns back into the process definition, complete with role type and effort estimates based on the actual data associated with executing the project. It provides the ideal environment for engaging all project participants in process improvement.


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