Sun StarOffice
Deluxe V.8 Retail ISO
Windows OS | Size: 326 Mb

Now you can have a full-featured office productivity suite that's compatible with Microsoft Office at just a slice of the cost. Powerful and integrated word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and database capabilities. Improved Microsoft Office compatibility and conversion. OASIS OpenDocument format for global compatibility. Free PDF export capability included!

StarOffice 8 Writer
Whether you need to snap out a quick memo or craft an in-depth report with a table of *******s, diagrams, and indexes, StarOffice 8 Writer makes it simple. New: Mail merge wizard and format paintbrush.

StarOffice 8 Impress
StarOffice 8 Impress is a full-featured presentation tool. Check out: Preformatted templates, Flash export and support for CustomShapes (called AutoShapes in Microsoft Office).

StarOffice 8 Calc
The StarOffice 8 Calc spreadsheet lets you calculate, analyze, and share your data quickly and easily. New: More rows per sheet and enhanced DataPilot (called PivotTable in Microsoft Office).

StarOffice 8 Base
StarOffice 8 enables you to easily create "self-contained" database documents with all relevant data, table definitions, reports, and forms. New: Table wizards make it easy for anyone to set up a database.

StarOffice 8 Draw
StarOffice 8 Draw helps you bring your communications to life with easy-to-create organizational charts, network diagrams, floor plans and sketches, and lots more.

Enterprise Tools & Support
Enterprise users will benefit from XForms support, increased document security, the Java Desktop System Configuration Manager, and the OASIS OpenDocument XML file format. New: Migration Tools.