GetRight Professional 6.0c+04

GetRight Pro does everything that GetRight does, and a lot more. It of course helps you download files with acceleration, resuming/recovering from errors, scheduling, dialing, file searching, and everything else.
GetRight Pro adds uploading of files, advanced scripting, acting as a proxy so other programs can take advantange of it's features, and more!

* Download manager and accelerator software
* Accelerate Downloads: get a file from several servers simultaneously
* Download recovery if connection is lost or computer crashes
* Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, AOL, and MSN
* Easy to use for the novice and powerful for the professional
* No spyware

Changes: GetRight/GetRight Pro:
* Even better Downloaded a file tip window. (Better icon, move it, open the folder, right click for more options!)
* Added TipWindow option, and the Window state to the Options menu from right clicking the tray icon.
* Fixed a couple things in Basic mode.


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