Steganos Safe 2007
ver. 9.0.2

Unencrypted data represent a risk – whether at work or at home:hackers access your hard disk through the Web. You leave your laptop behind you on the train. Entire PC systems are stolen in a burglary. Another person using your PC accidentally opens private documents. The memory stick disappears without a trace and you simply cannot remember what data you had stored on it. You use your iPod not only for music but also to store data on it.

Deleted data is not really gone. It can be restored if you have the appropriate program: you can even find data in the empty recycle bin. Even while your PC is being repaired, your confidential data should be inaccessible. And when you sell your laptop computer, you should only sell the hardware, not your data.
Steganos Safe contains all your sensitive data. A freely definable number of data safes can hold up to 256 GB of documents, photos, movies, Excel workbooks, and so on using the world's most advanced encryption alorithm AES with 256-bit keys. Like all other Steganos encryptions this has never been cracked!

You can sort the safes conveniently according to color codes defined by yourself, the creation date, or simply in alphabetical order: this way you can easily find the right safe you need.
Encrypt your data by USB stick, mobile phone or digital camera. Save your passwords for the safe on your iPod, a USB memory stick, mobile phone or digital camera. Just connect the device and the secure drives will open automatically. Of course, you can also enter your password manually. For users with a distinct photographic memory: Steganos PicPass enables you to open your safe with a sequence of pictures. If required, you can also combine this sequence of pictures with a password that consists of letters and numbers.

Steganos Portable Safe turns your iPod or a memory stick into a mobile safe: This way you can use your iPod for secure data transports. The data can be easily decrypted on any PC with no need for additional software. Alternatively you can burn encrypted archives on CD, DVD or DVD-DL.

If you store your Outlook file in a safe, no one can use your Outlook without the appropriate password: This way you can securely protect your e-mails, contacts, calendar, and tasks. No matter if you lose or forget your computer, or if someone steals it – nobody can access your important data and your Outlook.

Steganos Shredder enables you to destroy unwanted data irrevocably. The Deep Cleaning Shredder removes all data remnants from your hard drive. Includes three destruction options: fast one-time overwriting, the technology of US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22M/NISPOM 8-306), and the extremely efficient 35-times overwriting Gutmann method for your most sensitive data.



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