Dear All, Assalamu Alaikum

I had mentioned this subject in one of my replies on this site but I would like to offer a unique service to the Arab world in the fields of electrical & electronic engineering. We are a group of university professors and engineering experts in the industry in the United Kingdom. Most of us are Arab and are keen on technology transfer to the Arab world in order to speed up the scientific and technical advancements amongst Arab countries. We have a few number of courses in electronic design, IT, software engineering, telecommunication, etc. We send you the trainers in order to keep the cost very low.

If you or your organization/institute are interested in these advenced training courses, please contact me directly on email: director* or on my tel number: +44 788 654 1937. You could also visit our website for more details:

We can discuss your needs, and put a plan for the training courses requirements that will involve both practical and theoretical aspects in intensive training programs at a reasonable cost.

Best Regards and Salamu Alaikum.

Dr. Alaa Alani