I know you are also lazy like me
Then too reading is not a bad habit
Top 10 Tips For Finding Time For Exercise

If you're like most people, finding time for
Exercise is difficult. Here are my "top 10"
Tips to help you in that quest..

1. Make exercise a priority. We all make time
In our lives for the things that are most
Important to us. If I told you I'd give you a
Million dollars if you exercised everyday for
The next 30 days, would you do it? Sure you
Would, because it would suddenly become a
Priority. If you're serious about finding time
For exercise, then it must be a priority in
Your life.

2. Block out the same time period everyday
For exercise. This way it becomes part of your
Daily routine just like brushing your teeth.
Vehemently guard this time period. It is your
Time to take care of yourself.

3. Exercise first thing in the morning. This
Is when your exercise time is least likely to
Get interrupted by other things.

4. Turn off the television. The average adult
Spends 16 hours per week watching television.
One of my clients told me that she resolved to
Only watch television while she was exercising.
You may not be interested in taking it that far
But you can certainly cut out a few hours of
Television a week to make time for exercise.

5. Wake up earlier in the morning to exercise.
Try going to sleep a little earlier and getting
Up a little earlier to get your exercise done
First thing in the morning.

6. Spend 30 minutes or so exercising on your
Lunch break.

7. Get a book rack for your stair climber or
Treadmill and spend some of your reading time

8. Visit with your spouse or friend while walking
Around the neighborhood rather than sitting on
The couch.

9. Take a couple of days to write down how you
Spend your time everyday, then determine how
You can better use your time to fit in exercise.

10. Make your exercise as enjoyable as possible.
You will be much more likely to find time for
Things you enjoy. Read more articles on exercise :
Reading is much easy then exercise right .......??
Hope you will start exercise.. Bye take care..
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