Alsalmu alikum
I hope nice time for all my brothers

In the following site, be sure that you will find any subject you want.
This site is wonderful especially to the engineers who have searches (MSc or PhD or other searches).
I am sorry to write in english, because I am now in france and there are no Arabic letters in our keyboards. I will be very happy if some one translate my contributions and words.

Follow my steps:
1- From the title, select your object (for example, engineering and technology, computer science, etc).
2- You will get a list of journals ordered alphabetically. You can select the letter you expect your journal starts with.
3- Click on your journal (for example Applied Thermal engineering) to open its site.
4- On the right of the latter page you will find a link ((Access Full text articles)) , click on it.
5- Hence, you get all the volumes of this journal, arranged based on their years of their issues.
6- Click any volume to get, then, all the issues involved in this volume. Click on the issue to reach, finally to all the papers published in this issue.
7- On the top of the page, you will find (Quick search), you can write in its bar your key words and select ((all journal)) among the selections given after the word (( within)).
8- Finally, I am sure, In Sha Allah (Allah Willing), You will find what you want !!!!!!!!!!
9- Now, you have several choices to save the searches, you can use PDF format.
My hot greetings