A project is a unique job that makes a one-off product. It has a distinct start and finish. All operations must be coordinated within this time frame

A project is viewed as transformation of some form of input into output , under a set of constraint and utilizing a set of mechanisms to make theproject happen

Quality is an element that is integrated into and between all parts of a project that includes scope, budget, and schedule. It should not be construed as merely creating drawings with a minimum number of errors, furnishing equipment that meets specifications, or building a project to fulfill the requirements of a contract. Certainly these factors are a part of quality, but it involves much more.
Quality is meeting the needs and satisfaction of the ultimate user of the project i.e. the owner.
Quality is the responsibility of all participants in project, including all levels of management and workers in each of the principal parties. An attitude of achieving quality must be instilled in everyone and perpetuate throughout the work environment.

The attitude should not be “what can we do to pass quality control or final inspection?” Instead, it should be “what can we do to improve our work and what is the best way that we can furnish a project that meets the needs and satisfaction of the owner