Design a CS-CD MOSFET voltage amplifier with the following specification:
- Small signal gain >30.
- Input resistance Ri > 100kΩ.
- Output resistance Ro < 4 kΩ.

- Verify the computed nodal voltages, currents (for small signal & DC) and gain of the designed amplifier with the results obtained form the related PSPICE program.

* Use N-channel MOSFET 2N4351 (Vt = 1.5V, K'n = 0.05mA/V2, W=30µm and L = 3µm).

* Load resistance RL= 5kΩ.

* Single supply voltage of VCC= 6 V.

* Input voltage (vi) and the internal resistance RS
vi =0.01 sin(ωt) and RS = 500Ω.

* Check for Saturation region.

* What is the maximum allowed input voltage with no distortion or clipping at the output voltage.

(Use transient analysis to verify your hand calculation)
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