Microgrids and Active Distribution Networks
By S.P.Chowdhury, P.Crossley, S.Chowdhury

* Publisher: Institution of Engineering and Technology
* Number Of Pages: 320
* Publication Date: 2009-07-15
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1849190143
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781849190145

Product Description:

This book contains the latest development technologies in the area of Power Systems.
Deals with the deep-rooted linkages between existing and emerging concerns faced by distributed energy resources and their integration

The conventional power system around the world is facing the problems of gradual depletion of fossil fuel resources, poor energy efficiency and environmental pollution. This has lead to the recent trend of generating power at distribution voltage level from renewable/non-conventional, small scale distributed energy resources (DERs) to culminate the advantages of improved energy efficiency, low emissions, better utilisation of eco-friendly energy sources, augmentation of low capital intensive generation, co-generation and tri-generation. However DERs suffer from the demerits of initial high cost, technical difficulties, absence of regulatory & marketing standards, lack of communication protocols, administrative & legal barriers, intermittent nature of generation etc. which are under extensive research worldwide. Technical development in the field of DERs is also resulting in the formation of MicroGrid (MG) & Active Distribution Networks (ADISNET). These are LV power supply networks comprising integrated DERs, designed to supply power to small community, operating either in synchronism with MV Regional Grid or as stand-alone systems. MG and ADISNET offer a potential solution for sustainable, energy-efficient power supply to cater for increasing load growth, supplying power to remote areas, generation of clean power and reduction in emission of greenhouse gases & particulates as per Kyoto protocol.


DISTRIBUTED GENERATION AND MICROGRID CONCEPT Distributed Energy Sources Impacts of Microgrid Microgrid & Active Distribution Network Management System Protection Issues for Microgrids Power Electronic Interfaces SCADA & Active Distribution networks Impact of DG Integration on Power Quality and Reliability Microgrid Economics Market Participation of Microgrids - Appendices