My duty on this project is to build a shell using Linux. the Shell should be able to execute ordinary shell commands as if you are working on a Bash Shell.
1) program should show the following prompt: MyShell $ as
long as the shell is open.
2) A user should enter a command after this prompt and get
the desired result.
3) shell should not exit until user enters exit or quit.
4) Your shell should be able to run other programs
using ./alias

This Project deals with the following commands:
1)runs simple commands without parameters. (ls, dir, . . . )
2)runs simple commands with parameters. (ls –l, mkdir folder, . . . )
3) runs simple commands with parameters and using redirections. (ls –l >file, . . . )
4) runs simple commands with parameters in the Background. (emacs &)
5) runs simple commands with parameters and using pipelines. ( ls | grep)
6) implementing double redirection < > ( ls < file1 > file2),This Part is optional.....

Please help me the submition of the project is comming UP.....