Concrete Pipe for the New Millennium (Astm Special Technical Publication// Stp)
By Jeffrey I. Enyart (Editor) Iraj I. Kaspar (Editor)

* Publisher: ASTM International
* Number Of Pages: 108
* Publication Date: 2000-02-01
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0803126212
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780803126213

Product Description:

Eight papers cover the tremendous advancements made in the concrete pipe industry over the last hundred years providing a unique combination of the new and emerging technologies for designing and installing durable concrete pipe for sewers and culverts. From high speed, automated manufacturing to advances in design procedures for internal and external performance, Concrete Pipe for the New Millennium will help engineers understand current performance improvements for concrete pipe and contribute to those in the future. This valuable publication addresses three main areas: • new technology • design and installation • innovative case studies. This includes a presentation of design application methods using the newly developed Standard Installation Direct Design (SIDD) methods as applied to low-head pressure pipe along with the results of installation testing and performance to verify the SIDD performance assumptions. SIDD is a new methodology, which has been adopted by AASHTO. In addition, there is a review of the impact of proposed load resistance factor design (LRFD) methods, a valuable tool for anyone using the LRFD code adopted by AASHTO for all new designs. Audience: Civil and structural engineers in private and public sectors will benefit from this publication, as well as producers and contractors involved with concrete pipe for sewers and culverts.

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Mitigating the Corrosion of Concrete Pipe and Manholes
Bell L., Shook W., Norris T.

Sulfur Concrete for Corrosion-Resistant Sewer Pipe
Vroom A., Aarsleff L., Vroom C.

SIDD Installation and Direct Design for Reinforced Concrete Low-Head Pressure Pipe
Heger F.

Structural Evaluation of Three-Sided Concrete Culverts
Frederick G., Tarhini K.

Comparison of AASHTO Standard and LRFD Code Provisions for Buried Concrete Box Culverts
Rund R., McGrath T.

Intelligent Technology for Concrete Pipe in the New Millennium
Hill J., Kurdziel J., Nelson C., Nystrom J.

Field Tests of Concrete Pipe Performance During Backfilling
McGrath T., Selig E., Webb M.

Case History of the Installation of a Sanitary Sewer Microtunnel Project
Meyer J., Whitehouse T.