In this tutorial we take a close look at many of the new animation set-up and rigging tools in modo 401. These tools allow us to rig and animate mechanically-based objects using constraints, inverse kinematics and dynamic parenting.
This project explains how to rig a rotary engine. The rotary engine was a crazy and yet beautiful piece of engineering that powered aircraft in the early years of aviation. Most famously known for powering fighter aircraft in WWI, they spun with the propeller at tremendous speed thus expelling oil in the face of the pilot and making the aircraft difficult to handle due to the gyroscopic effect of the engine spinning. The unusual way the engine worked led to a unique design which we look at in detail in this project via a cutaway model that reveals how all the elements of the engine moved and interacted with each other.
The focus of the tutorial is automation. When finished the entire engine rig can be driven by a single keyframed channel. This is an ideal tutorial for anyone who wants to dig into what has now evolved into very capable animation system within modo.

password: gfx_elite