Microgeneration: Low energy strategies for larger buildings

Spiralling fuel costs, frequent power cuts, 'energy wars' with fuel rich countries holding consumers to ransom these are just some of the issues that are helping to ensure that microgeneration of power, a the individual building level, is becoming a more and more attractive option to 'grid power

In this book author Dave Parker describes the many and varied microgeneration options, from wind turbines and solar power to biomass and heatsinks, and even gives advice on how architects and developers can best access the increasingly large amount of government funding to help implement these strategies

This book can help those in the building and construction industry to really make a difference in the fight against climate change, by explaining how to utilise the technology already within our reach

Comprehensive review of the latest technology available. Shows how to assess/compare/combine the merits of the available systems

Gives hard information on how to adopt appropriate microgeneration technology for a specific project