Aroom for process work is maintain at (20 c) dry bulb temp. and 25% RH. the out side air at (40 c dry bulb and 25 c wet bulb temp.) A 12 cmm of fresh air is mixed with another part of recirculated air and passed over the adsorption dehumidifier .it is then mixed with another part of recirculation air and then sensibly cooled in a cooler before being supplied to the room at 14 c .the room sensible and latent heat 6 and 8.5 kw respectively Find
: 1- volume flow rate of air entering the dehumidifier
2- the amount of heat removed in the cooler
the performance of the absorbent material is as follows:
entering moisture ******* (g/kg.dry air
التسلسل يبدأ من 2.86
leaving moisture *******
.43/.57/1/1.57/2.15/2.86/3.57/4.57/5.23 the heat of adsorption is 390 kj/kg

of the moisture
adsorbed and the latent heat of condensation of moisture is 2500kj/kg

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