hello guys,
how r u? i hope u r fine and ok.....
i wanna design project for encryption and decryption software package and i wanna use fliparound technique at transmitter there is no problem its ok but at receiver i couldnt get the data back as it was be4 sending it., lets take this example:
at transmitter: e: stands for encryption process
e=double('here i will explain the method here in this forum')
leng=length(e), %leng stands for length of message
r=randint(1,3,[1 255])
e(1:end)=e(end:-1:1) %flip around elements in matrix e
e=e(e1) %change position of elements in matrix e according to matrix e1
e2=[e r] %combine two matrices into one matrix
e3=char(e2) % encrypted output result
at receiver: d stands for decryption process
r=d(end-2:end) %retrieve the 3 random numbers generated at transmitter
d(end-2:end)=[] % delete value of random numbers.
d(1:end)=d(end:-1:1) %here i tried the get data back 2 its original positions but it seems there is something wrong or missing.
% could any one help me with that???
d2=char(d) % output here is not same as it was be4 sending.
guys u can try this code and tell me ur opinions about it and what are ur comments?? also do u think : is it easlly to be broken?????
waiting 4 ur reply and response