Dear Friends and Fellow Engineers

First Am sorry for not writing in Arabic I have english Keyboard on my laptob
I have a great problem in Primavera 3.1 – I need some help
I bought a brand-new laptob (this one) from sony Model No VGN-SR26 (dual Core Processor)
Now the system comes with Windows Vista Bsuiness (32 Bit) and has also a downgrade CD to (XP Pro)
In XP Envirnoment
After finishing the Installation of Primavera 3.1 I try to access the program and it works fine until I reach to filters , i choose a filter and try to make changes and The whole program (P3) turns off for no reason , If Itried to access the program again it will tell me that Key is locked until I restart the computer. I tried to install SP3 and this didn’t solve the problem
In Windows Vista Envirnoment :o
The same Problem comes but this time an Error Message appears which states
1. WOWEXEC caused an access violation in ntvdm.exe at 0x0edad64d
2. Followed by another error message that says NTVDM.EXE caused and error and needs to shut down
Please keep in mind that I only use one operationg system I started first with Vista and Then downgraded to xP and still I get the problem
Sony said that is not from the Machine , Primavera Systems had stopped supporting V.3.1 and I need real help
Simply I can’t use primavera without Filters , I will also post the same topic in the software forume may be it is a software thing that one of our brothers there can help us with that , also keep in mind that
1. I Read The internet and I see that WOWEXEC and NTVDM.EXE are part of 16 bit emulation
2. The computer is Brand New so No Viruses or Malware
Please help me in this if you can please
May Allah stand next to you in your needs , Please help With this