Terrain Analysis: Principles and Applications
By John P. Wilson, John C. Gallant

Publisher: Wiley
Number Of Pages: 479
Publication Date: 2000-01-15
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0471321885
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780471321880
Binding: Hardcover

Product Description:

The only reference on the use of GIS and related technologies in terrain analysis
In this landmark publication, reflecting the collaborative effort of thirteen research groups based in four countries, leading experts detail how GIS and related technologies, such as GPS and remote sensing, are now being used, with the aid of computer modeling, in terrain analysis. Continuing the innovative work of Professor Ian Moore, a visionary who saw terrain analysis as a robust method for modeling the large areas and complex spatial patterns of environmental systems, Terrain Analysis puts into action TAPES, or Terrain Analysis Programs for Environmental Sciences, Dr. Moore's innovative tool for terrain analysis. The book's contributors describe how TAPES are applied to specific geomorphologic problems, explain the algorithms used in current terrain analysis software, and examine the interpretation and use of terrain attributes in predictive models.
With expert coverage of terrain analysis in the digital age, Terrain Analysis will be welcomed by ecologists, environmental engineers, geographers, and hydrologists who increasingly depend on GIS, GPS, and remote sensing.

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