Piping Handbook

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    Piping Handbook

    Mohinder L. Nayyar " Piping Handbook "
    McGraw-Hill Professional | ISBN: 0070471061 | 14 October 1999 | 2256 Pages | PDF | 20 Mb

    Instant answers to your toughest questions on piping components and systems! It's impossible to know all the answers when piping questions are on the table - the field is just too broad. That's why even the most experienced engineers turn to Piping Handbook, edited by Mohinder L. Nayyar, with contribution from top experts in the field. The Handbook's 43 chapters - 14 of them new to this edition ù and 9 new appendices provide, in one place, everything you need to work with any type of piping, in any type of piping system: *design *layout *selection of materials *fabrication and components *operation *installation *maintenance This world-class reference is packed with a comprehensive array of analytical tools, and illustrated with fully-worked-out examples and case histories. Thoroughly updated, this seventh edition features revised and new information on design practices, materials, practical applications and industry codes and standards ù plus every calculation you need to do the job.




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