lot's of people will say it's a new way of life to make people close more to each other in habits and traditions by modifying their lives into a new type of life , the modern life .

while I believe it's not .

Globalizist people threw for us that kind of term with the definition they wanted us to know, and held behind their back the true Globalizsation meaning.

According to a good book I've read recently that I found in Alasad book faire , I say that Globalization is a new term reffers to a new type of an economical system, and to make whatever it takes to achieve the high marketting for serving the higher companies of this world , and to make all people in the world just costumers for those fortunes heads - as I can say-.

So now it's simple to say that the steering wheel in this world is between selfish greedy hands that want to increase their fortune...
And it's human natures when they lay a side their morals and religous beliefs.

Chinese and Japanese nations ,I put in your hands those examples of nations who held and still holding their traditions that come basicly from their religion and and on the other hand they took the whole advanteges of the western technology and modern life.

So why some of Arab poeple now still gasping for breaths to run after every thing the western society ? ... I think it's kind of lak of knowledgment , and who knows ?

Anyway, back to the main point, as you can see here .. Globalization and Globalizists are trying to modify even the world's traditions into a costumer behaviour, just for the sake of the fortune they already have .
And imagine that the sum of fortune heads of those big companies is 225 and 4% of them can supply the affrican nation with shelter and education if they wanted and those are almost 10 persons, so you can imagine that.
That companies issue reminded me of Prison Break

that book is a totally new prespective about this Globalization thing, I advise you to check it out

ok guys , it's nice to read back your comments and that if you know or 've read something about that Globalization or simply if you like of or didn't that new prospective ... kindly share

... Omar