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    تاريخ التسجيل: Feb 2004
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    Jobs, petro positions

    Dear XXXX,

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I am writing to you on behalf of a large operator in Scandinavia wich is currently trying to fill some petrophysicist positions that might be of interest to you.

    These are:
    Senior Petroleum/Reservoir Engineer (Kazakhstan )
    Senior Petrophysicist (Kazakhstan)
    Senior Petrophysicist - Petroleum Engineering (Copenhagen)
    Senior Petrophysicist - Exploration & New Business ( Copenhagen)
    Petrochemial Analyst (Aberdeen)

    Should you find any of these interesting, please let me know and I will be happy to give you some further information on the position itself and the application process etc.

    Also, should you know anyone looking for a position of that kind, feel free to get them in contact with me. We may be able to offer them employment.

    Dear brothers, if any one intrested in these jobs I may help him and sending the adress of this company.

    Best regards,

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    تاريخ التسجيل: Jul 2006
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    Mechatronics Engineerr

    I am interested in this engineering job and my cv is attached

    Best Thanks
    Eng.Nizar Al Shatarat

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    تاريخ التسجيل: Feb 2004
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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
    لم أستطع تحميل سيرتك الذاتية حتى أتمكن من ارسال معلومات الشركة الطالبة للوظائف، سأفرض أن لديك خبرة في مجال البيتروفيزيا وخاصة فيما يتعلق بالبحث والتطوير، ليست لدي فكرة عن نوع الحقول التي يعملون فيها هل هي كربونية أم رملية، سأرسل للك الباقي لاحقا ان شاء الله.
    م. أبويوسف

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    تاريخ التسجيل: Mar 2007
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    Curriculum Vitae

    Curriculum Vitae
    *Personal Information:

    Name : Mohamed Ali Mohamed Said

    Date of Birth : 6/2/1984
    Nationality : Egyptian.
    Address : 10 ST. MOHAMED SALAM, EL-HARAM,
    Telephone : (202)7806123 & (2012) 4689980.
    Marital Status : Single.

    E-mail : ENG_MOHAMED _23@ياهوووو.COM
    Military status : Exempt
    Degree: BSC in Mechanical Engineering; Manufacturing Engineering and Production Technology. {May 2006}
    Faculty: Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology, Cairo, Egypt.
    General grad: good
    In the 3rd year:

    Design & Manufacture of wood lathe Machine {grade: excellent}.

    In the final year
    Design & Manufacture of Grain Filling and Packing Machine {grade: excellent}.

    *Computer Skills:
    Autodesk inventor.
    Sinumerack SYSTEM (C.N.C).
    CAD CAM (win cam).
    WIN CTS.

    * I have two passport :
    Air Passport
    Seaman's passport


    Training in the following workplaces:-
    ARAB Petroleum PIPELINES COM. (August, 2004)
    AOI (Sacker factory) (July, 2005).
    Working in the following workplace:-

    Cairo hydraulic.
    International trade office group.
    Arabic: Mother Tongue.
    English: Good read and write.

    *General Character:

    Flexible & Excellent interpersonal.
    Able to work under pressure & meet deadlines.
    Creative - Innovative - highly reliable.
    Able to influence - Self motivated.
    Strong problem solving skills.

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    تاريخ التسجيل: Feb 2004
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    Salam alucom
    I'll write down the adress for the company for thoese who are intrested to apply. but keep in mind that this company looking for either Sr RE-Reservoir Engineer-or Sr PP -Petrophysicist engineer .
    As many know, there is a large demand for RE & PP and PG & they can easily get a job with good salary
    you can write e-mail to this person
    Kasia(at)dwsw.com , Katarzyna Wodzinska

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    تاريخ التسجيل: Feb 2005
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    أخ أبو يوسف جزاك الله خير
    أنا مهتم بالعمل في الوظائف التي ذكرت ,أنا بأمس الحاجة للعمل
    حيث ان ظروفي قد أصبحت في الحظيظ لإأرجوك أن تهتم لأموضوعيوقد أرفقت سيرتي الذتية وهذا بريدي الالكتروني amer205513 في موقع ياهو دوت كوم وشكرا.
    Ahmed Al-abd Mansoor - Curriculum Vitae

    Personal Attributes:

    •Results-driven, logical and methodical approach to achieving tasks and objectives
    •Strives for quality and applies process and discipline towards optimising performance
    •Extremely reliable and dependable - analytical and questioning, strives for quality
    •Great team-worker - adaptable and flexible
    •Excellent interpersonal skills - good communicator, high integrity
    •Sensitive and patient interpersonal and communication skills


    •QA/QC pipe lines construction, monitoring, recording and reporting.
    •Materials coordinating activities and work at oil storage tanks and pipe lines projects.
    •Quality controlling and testing during executing pipe lines and oil storage tanks construction.
    •Managing of time, cost and human resources.
    •Installing of pumping stations with their piping system.
    •Computer skills (MS office, MS project, primavera program and AutoCAD program).
    •My final project of graduation from the collage was about Maintenance Planning of ESP.


    •As asphalt plant manager with Hawk Int. comp. operated and maintained the plant to produce high quality asphalt for Sana'a Air Port Development Project.
    •As site engineer with Dome Comp. controlled quality, did hydro test and executed flow lines and well sites for Dove Energy in sharyoof field.
    •As site manager with Dome Comp. built two oil storage tanks 14m Dai. * 12m Height for Aden Steel Cop. (ASC)
    •As QC engineer with INTRACS Comp. monitored and controlled quality, prepared the reports of QC and completion certificates during construction of oil pipe lines and wells networks at NEXEN BLOCK51 site.

    Career History:

    •10/2006-present - QC Engineer/ INTRACS MEEDLE EAST Ltd.
    •09/2004-09/2006 - Site Engineer & QC Engineer/ DOME TRADING & CONSTRUCTION CO.Ltd .
    •08/2003-09/2004 - Plant & Equipment Manager/ HAWK INT.INFINANCE & CONSTRUCTION CO.

    Education and qualifications:

    • [B.Sc Degree in Mechanical Engineering
    Engineering faculty, Aden University, Yemen.

    • 400 hrs of training in different factories.
    • 120hrs of training in automobile mechanic.
    • 314hrs of training in refrigeration & A/C.
    • Good knowledge of writing and spoken English.

    Personal Details:

    • Ahmed Al-abd Mansoor Amer
    • Al-Tawahi, Aden, Yemen.

    • Mobile: +967-711849228
    Home tel. : +967-02-205513
    • Email – amer205513***********

    • Date of birth: 3/9/1978
    • Marital status: married

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    تاريخ التسجيل: Dec 2006
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    أخي في الله أبو يوسف

    هذه هي سيرتي الذاتية
    والله الموفق

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    تاريخ التسجيل: Jun 2006
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    petroleum engineering

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته :
    أنا مهندس بترول سوري , تخرجت عام 2003 وكنت الثاني على دفعتي والحمد لله .
    أرغب بالعمل في اختصاصي وأرجو أن أقبل في احدى الوظائف التي تعرضها يا أخي العزيز .
    علماً اننا درسنا في الهندسة البترولية في سورية كثيراً من المجالات في الهندسة البترولية منها :
    سوائل الحفر , الحفر
    فيزياء الطبقات النفطية , الانتاج من الآبار النفطية والحقول
    المخزون , طرق الاستثمار المدعم للطبقات النفطية
    الجيوفيزياء العامة وجيوفيزياء الطبقات النفطية.
    أرجو المساعة في تطوير مهنتي وجزاكم الله خيراً.
    يرجى مراسلتي على ال***** التالي al-kaa(at)scs-net.org وشكرا .

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    تاريخ التسجيل: Feb 2004
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    For all
    The aim of this article is to help those who have PE or engineering Back grounds that have a least 5-10 years experience to the related (PP or RE type of work); indeed I received the effort to work as Sr. PP or RE ( which Now I’m not).
    I would recommend for whose who are interested to work in petroleum company to damp their CV in Companies HR (section) and try to follow the SPE monthly journal & others & you’ll find some jobs.
    for all, if I find any related job I'd pass the CV's to the company.

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