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    Sears Tower

    For 20 years, the Sears Tower held the record for the world’s tallest building. Completed in 1973, the 110 stories high building is almost half a kilometer tall. And it still holds the record for having the world’s highest antenna. John Zils, structural engineer and designer of this mega-structure shares some of the secrets about the tower. And get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the various systems and controls that are vital to the building, like security monitoring, the elevators, and the water and power distribution to the various levels, and even the machines that cleans the windows


    Golden Gate Bridge

    In 1906, an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 rocked San
    Francisco. An earthquake of similar or greater proportions is expected
    to occur in San Francisco again, and soon. The episode takes a look at
    the efforts that are being made to retrofit and strengthen America’s
    most recognized bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, before the next big
    earthquake happens. It also gives a brief history about the construction
    of the suspension bridge, and the people who were involved in its

    Port Of Rotterdam

    The Port of Rotterdam is a marine freeway and one of the
    busiest ports. And on this particular day, the Harbour Control's skills
    and machines are put to the test when three most challenging ships in
    the world: 'The Berge Star', 'The Savana Express' and 'The Mighty
    Servant III', respectively known as 'The Mega Deep', 'The Mega Wide' and
    'The Mega Tall' are received.

    The Oresund, spanning 10 miles in length, is the longest
    bridge in the world. The bridge links countries Denmark and Sweden, and
    Megastructures chronicles the history in it's design and construction


    Itaipu Dam

    In the Paranل River of South America, lies the Itaipْ Dam.
    Costing 20 billion dollars, the Itaipْ Dam is the world's largest and
    most powerful hydroelectric power plant. It is a representation of the
    efforts and accomplishment of two countries, Brazil and Paraguay. The
    episode examines the efforts undertaken and the sacrifices made to
    construct the dam, including how the largest diversion channel was
    constructed to divert water from the world’s 7th largest river away from
    the main construction site.

    The Rio-Antirio bridge is a cable-stayed bridge near Patra
    on the Peloponnese, linking the towns of Rio and Antirrio on the western
    mainland Greece, thus connecting with the rest of Europe.
    The bridge dramatically improves access to and from the Peloponnese,
    which could previously be reached only by ferry or via the isthmus of
    Corinth at its extreme east end. It has a length of 2252 m (2882 m
    including the access bridges); as it consists entirely of five
    cable-stayed spans and four pylons, and it is one of the world's longest
    cable-stayed suspended decks. Its width is 28 meters -- it has two
    vehicle lanes per direction, an emergency lane and a pedestrian walkway.

    Hoover Dam

    Throughout human history, mankind has built monuments to
    its ingenuity and skill. In Egypt it was the Pyramids. Rome, built the
    Colosseum. The Greeks built the Acropolis. The great cathedrals of
    Europe raised the skills of their builders to unequalled heights,
    creating awe inspiring structures. In the Americas, the cliff dwellings
    of Mesa Verde and the high mountain city of Machu Pichu speak to the
    skill and ingenuity of their builders. In the modern era, it's buildings
    that reach near half a mile into the sky, bridges that stretch enormous
    distances in a single span, and machines that extend mankind's reach far
    into space. One monument that must surely be counted among the great
    achievements of mankind is Hoover Dam.

    An enormous project is underway in the Arabian Gulf that
    will change the face of the coastline. It is so vast that it can be seen
    from space. Palm Jumeirah, one of the most audacious engineering
    projects the world has ever seen, is an artificial island in the shape
    of a massive palm tree. A breathtaking megastructure and an ambitious
    engineering feat, Palm Jumeirah is part of an even bigger plan to
    transform Dubai into one of the world's premiere tourist destinations.
    But with only a few years to create this paradise island, it's a race
    against time. Besides the construction of the island, there is also the
    challenge of building a small city, including 4,500 luxury houses and
    apartments, 29 hotels, miles of roads, and all the utilities required by
    the thousands of people who will be living on and using this island
    including water, electricity, gas and sewage. The project is due for
    completion in 2008 - are they on course to meet their deadline? And what
    other megastructures has the Sheikh planned for Dubai?


    Millau Bridge

    It is the world’s tallest bridge, at 343 m tall at its
    highest pillar, the Millau Viaduct in Southern France is almost a third
    taller than any other bridge in the world. A freeway in the sky, the
    bridge crosses the river Tarn in France and can save travelers almost an
    hour of travel between France and the Mediterranean. It also removes the
    traffic congestion once faced in the town of Millau. The episode
    documents the difficulties that the crew had to faced, and the
    challenging processes that were used in its construction. The
    documentary contains a few words from the mayor of Millau, Jacques
    Godfrain, the bridge architect, Norman Foster, and designer, Michel

    pass: Inspired

    Located near Johannesburg, South Africa, the Tau Tona is a
    gold mine. The Tau Tona is the main economic life blood of Johannesburg,
    supplying half the world’s gold needs. It is the deepest and largest
    working mine in the world. Its main shaft is 3.6 km deep and consists of
    800 km of tunneling. This episode gives viewers a tour of the dynamic
    systems involved in maintaining a working environment deep in the earth.
    It also provides a glimpse of what life as a mine worker is like in Tau
    Tona. Risking heat exhaustion, and with 10 earthquakes a day, the miners
    work through narrow tunnels to extract gold from a 25 cm thick gold vein

    pass: Inspired

    Mega Plane -
    Air Force Transport

    The episode profiles the C-5 Galaxy, one of the largest
    aircrafts in the world, and the operations of the crew of the
    mega-plane. The episode includes a look at how the C-5 Galaxy transports
    millitary equipment over to the troops in Iraq from America's Dover Air
    Force Base

    pass: Inspired

    It is the largest passenger plane ever built and it is a 12
    billion dollar investment. The episode documents the history of the
    Airbus A380, from its design concept, its interior features, the
    precision manufacturing, the logistics, the final assembly and its final
    maiden flight

    pass: Inspired

    Steel is one of the strongest materials on earth. It has
    altered civilisations and changed the course of history. From the
    soaring skylines in a vast metropolis to dinner tables across the world
    and razor sharp tools responsible for medical miracles: steel has helped
    sculpt life as we know it. Come face to face with this alloy's
    marvellous simplicity and the grand and innovative structures it has
    given birth to, such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building.

    A look at the construction of the world's tallest hotel,
    the Burj Al-Arab off the coast of Dubai. Rising 321 metres from an
    artificial island in the Arabian Gulf, this sail-like structure boasts
    numerous technical innovations, including the largest fabric wall and
    atrium in the world, and a 'floating' restaurant. First envisioned by
    Dubai's crown prince, the project was entrusted to an inexperienced firm
    of British architects

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